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Greetings to all the residents of North Arlington,

I have been walking the borough over the summer meeting so many of you. We have talked about my run for Mayor of North Arlington in 2018. But you have also shared your thoughts on the community, the direction it's going in and the issues that directly affect you.

The 2016/2017 North Arlington reassessment program is one that more than several of you of had great questions about. Like a Public Service Announcement and as promised at the door. I will take a couple of the top questions and hope to answer them here for you. As well as provide you the links to the people you can ask more questions to if you have them.

At the July 2017 Council meeting. This subject of the reassessment came up in the public portion of the meeting. The Borough attorney took the time to explain the assessment in great detail and answered several popular questions I have been asked at the door. I encourage you to watch the video for yourself . If you still have questions. The tax office contact information is below . Feel free to email or call the office.


Al Granell

Mayoral Candidate in 2018 for North Arlington

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Top questions at the door concerning the North Arlington Revaluation.

  • Who's idea was it to perform a revaluation of the town?
  • Answer - The governing body in 2016 wanted to ensure that property taxes were accurate and fair.
    • See the Observer article.

  • How much did this cost North Arlington?
  • Answer - In 2016, borough officials authorized an appropriation of $65,000 for the reassessment program, hiring Appraisal Systems to perform the work. The cost will be approximately $44,000 a year for the remaining four years of the program. North Arlington's last two revaluations were in 1988 and 2011.

  • Will the town be assessing my home or property every year now?
  • Answer - No. But still the number one question at the door when speaking to you. Please watch the video for the explanation.