This is why I'm running for Mayor of North Arlington.

We need to hold all the people responsible who manage

our tax dollars. See why I'm running for Mayor.

Will North Arlington gets it's fair share of the TAX revenue. 

The North Arlington Municipal Budget. People are always asking me ,"What are we spending money on?" and "Why are my taxes the way they are?".

So here is the document for you to see for yourself what government spends your tax dollars on.

North Arlington will not get it's fair share of the Hotel Tax Sharing formula. The Governor vetoed the money. That's right. He said NO. Click the Christie picture to the right and read it for yourself.

While Governor Christie was taking money away from North Arlington. I was advocating for support of North Arlington at Council meetings and also asking both GOP and DEM Governor candidates about supporting North Arlington.  Ms. Guadagno deferred and said she needed more info. I also asked Phil Murphy. Watch the video to see what he said.

I'm fighting and being an advocate for our proper funding for North Arlington. 

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