I get we have to be a nation of laws. I get that we need to have comprehensive immigration reform. I also stop and reflect on my upbringing and the neighborhood I grew up in. One with so many different nationalities and the borough I raised my children in with as much diversity and character.

Can Washington be so broke that this is the only option? Both parties have let us down. Stop, look at the problem and compromise to resolve it. That's what elected officials are supposed to do. I know I will be that way.

Because we are a nation of laws and we are better than this picture to the right.   

The press release below from August of 2018

Issues for North Arlington I intend to work on as the Mayor of North Arlington by listening to you.

 Dear North Arlington,

For too long. North Arlington has been governed without a long-term vision or purpose for North Arlington as we know it today and the North Arlington we want to pass to the next generation. Failed promises by public officials in both parties and the lack of getting the community involved in its own town have had many of the local businesses we knew as staples of the community either leave or go by the wayside.

North Arlington residents will need to make a decision. Do we continue down this path of failed plans and promises?  Do we continue to allow a small group of engaged local partisans in either party decide the future of North Arlington or do we fight for a plan that helps creates jobs for local residents,  sensible redevelopment, restores and enhances our small town community, address the QP High School issue with transparency for the community and one that protects our schools, our kids, our seniors, our veterans, the environment and provides a path for businesses old and new to flourish in North Arlington. 

Are we prepared to take on the responsibility of taking our town back, or do we continue to let the community be governed by a small group of partisans slide and watch business's leave, our neighbors move and our neighborhoods infrastructure crumble? 

Do you want to continue to pay high taxes only to ask yourself? What am I getting for this money I spend?

It's time to take North Arlington back. It's time for you and me to put people over politics. How residents vote this November to address these questions will determine the future of North Arlington.

Join me in taking NA back by Putting People Over Politics and NA First


Al Granell

Candidate for Mayor of the Borough of North Arlington