Yet again another item the chief executive should be looking into. Funding for the borough activities is something that the chief executive of the borough should be looking at all the time. So North Arlington has had a similar summer program led by Mrs. Fitzgerald for many years. It's been held at the Corsi house behind Allan Park for as long as I can remember.

While the Mayor and Council have helped fund this program. WHY can't the county come in and help North Arlington furnish and enhance the program or expand it? Or work with North Arlington on the program?   

This is yet another example of the "Squeaky Wheel gets the oil" Who is advocating for North Arlington? Norwood did a great job in getting funding. We need someone to do the same thing here.

 So we are supposed to be HAPPY the archdiocese is not suing the state. But how does this decision affect the business's in North Arlington? What is North Arlington doing to help them?

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The North Arlington Board of Education budgets $8.1 million to potentially acquire Queen of Peace H.S.

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The issue's

  • Transparency in local government
  • Schools and Security
  • Redevelopment
  • Taxes
  • Queen of Peace
  • Borough Services
  • Senior  Housing
  • Business District

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The press release below from August of 2018

Get Al Granell On the ballot for November as a candidate

for Mayor.

Sign his petition

One more thing that the chief executive should be looking into. Funding for the borough is a responsibility that you have when you serve as the Chief executive officer of the borough. So North Arlington has no voice or advocate because the existing Mayor isn't doing it.


So when you drive along River Road in North Arlington. Ask yourself,"Why doesn't any of this money make it to NA to help develop our waterfront area? Why do we have abandoned buildings, homes and a junkyard?".

We need an advocate to fight for NA. Click either one of the pictures to the right to see what Bayonne is getting and your not????