So in North Arlington. Like many other towns in Bergen. We learned again that running off the line in an election is not only difficult. But almost impossible unless huge amounts of money are spent to offset the ballot position. People just vote their party column for the most part. The numbers in the spreadsheet below from the Bergen County Clerk don't lie. 

The person who won the position for mayor was not even his party's highest vote getter. He actually finished 3rd in voting. That honor goes to GOP Councilwoman Ally Sheedy who beat Dan Pronti by a wide margin 2738 to 2646. Along with Brian Fitzhenry who garned some 2718 votes. Nice work by them overall. 

For Team Tanelli and the North Arlington Democratic County Committee. Things went from bad to worse quickly.  After weeks of promoting Team Tanelli. Even with Freeholder Steve Tanelli on top of the ticket leading it in and receiving some 3000 votes. He could not carry the local ticket along with the Bergen County Democratic ticket to help the local Democratic ticket. Mayoral Candidate Mark Yampaglia received almost 1000 fewer votes than Tanelli. To add insult to injury. Mark did not even beat his council running mate Pete Massa in vote totals. The illusion of coat tails of  voters voting for Steve Tanelli and then voting down the line for other DEM candidiates is just that an illusion. Clearly Steve pulled votes from both party's and the local DEMS did not.

So with 57% of those available to vote. 43% of the people who can vote stayed home. How does this affect local elections?

Because it does!!!

They are 9239 registered voters in North Arlington. Of that number. Here is the registered numbers by party with 3417 are Dem,1839 are GOP and 4076 are independent. With various other parties like green and LIB mixed in for the rest.

So with a two to one margin in registered voters. Why are Democratic voters not coming out and voting? Where is everyone else that is registered to vote? Is it the candidates, the campaign, the issues or just plain voter empathy?  Clearly, something is broken and if Democrats are considering running a ticket next year, There is no Steve Tanelli on the ticket. So what will they do? How will they fix their voter issue or will they?

Have elections in North Arlington have turned into popularity contest versus real issues being addressed?

Reflection and the need to understand the issues are an important part of the assessment. Because after the swearing in of the new mayor in 2019. The primary and general for 2019 will be right around the corner.

It was an honor to run and be part of the process. You always learn from running for office and I certainly did my fair share of learning in this cycle. But the question remains. WHY AREN'T FOLKS COMING OUT TO VOTE?

Did you ever want to know?

  •  Who serves on the North Arlington Democratic County committee?  
  • What Democrats are picking these candidates?
  • Do you know any of these people?
  • Do they live by you?
  • Do they share your values?
  • How do you run for County Committee?
  • We will be publishing their names and address's so you can know who they are and hold them accountable.

Past North Arlington Election results

2018 Election results by district. 57% of the people that can vote did in 2018.