Aren't you as a Voter  Sick of Money in Politics?  

Sick and tired of the money that comes into our local elections. How about a real pay to play ordinance. If you donate money to a political campaign in North Arlington and are a business or organization. You can't submit a Request for Work the following January following the election cycle in North Arlington. You can't donate to get a job or get influence. That stops companies and professionals donating looking to influence campaigns to get a job at the end of the election cycle.

Shouldn't there be a real Pay to Play ordinance in North Arlington to limit the amount of money individuals and organizations can spend?

Just follow the money trail on both parties to see who is looking for a job or influence. Is this the way you want local government to work in North Arlington? Who gets appointed in January, who wrote a check?

If your elected officials are to make an impact on the community. They need to actually represent you and the issues you hold important.  The type of public servant that just doesn't make promises on issues important to you to get elected, but who set goals to better the lives of us all. One that can work for everyone regardless of party or position. That is why I am running for Mayor of North Arlington because we need a new kind of leadership that works for everyone.  

I'm a independent democrat not owned by party bosses. I have served two terms as a North Arlington  Councilman and Council President.  I've served in both the political minority and majority. I have also served on all the committees and delivered against the use of eminent domain, background checks for volunteers, supporting our seniors and recreation departments, working with state and local county officials as well as being fiscally responsible with borough spending with no loss of services. I have lived here almost 30 thirty years and have raised my family here. With both my children graduating from North Arlinton High School. My father-in-law Arthur Miller ran the photo studio Art Robert's for over 30 years here in North Arlington.  

Join me in fighting to take back North Arlington from the special interest groups in North Arlington and move an agenda forward that has your input and is one that your willing to VOTE on.  I'm not taking money from companies or  special interest. My campaign is a grassroots campaign. With you the North Arlington resident as a stakeholder. We need you to invest your VOTE in North Arlington and reinvest in our future.

It’s time for all of us to get in the game.  I'm running for Mayor for all of us.

Please CLICK the ACTBLUE picture and consider donating to the campaign. 

AL Granell

For Mayor of North Arlington 2018