To my fellow Democrats and in particular. My Progressive friends and Bernie Sanders supporters. This has been a very tough campaign season. For 2020 there have been many lessons learned. You and a lot of others worked very hard. But we need to take a step back and remember the lessons learned from 2016. We need to have an honest conversation with ourselves about the progressive movement. Stay separate or work within the DNC \ Democratic framework and get progressives in spots where they can make an impact, council, assembly, mayor, senator, etc, etc. I think we need to do this from the inside.

I hear this Bernie needs to continue to compile delegates to influence the platform for the DNC and it drives me crazy. The DNC does not need Sanders delegates for the platform committee, because they(DNC) control the process as they did in 2016 where Sanders folks were completely shut out of the platform. Anyone who attended the 2016 DNC knows that. Hillary's folks and the DNC were not heavy-handed, they were brutal.

Did Bernie's policy's move the party left? YES. So we need to work with that. The only way that Sanders delegates make an impact on the platform committee moving forward, will be if the Biden folks truly believe they need the Sanders folks to beat Trump. We need to start to work with the Biden folks showing them that they need the Sanders wing of the party. Then we can be part of the process and platform moving forward. Medicare for all, campaign finance reform, Green new deal are all there to be gotten.

We just need to work with the party to keep the momentum that Bernie has given us moving forward. We need to organize and work harder than ever before to get progressives that are on the ballot now elected. Establish that progressive beachhead and movement in the Dem party. Ask yourself. Who are the elected progressive dem leaders in the state of New Jersey and how do we add to that total moving forward. We need to move forward and learn from 2016 and use that in 2020 and be successful. How do we beat TRUMP2020.

That answer is simple  Together2020!!!!!!.