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Why am I running for Mayor

 I am an independent Democrat that is running for Office in North Arlington because I want to serve. I want to serve my community, my borough, my home. I have served two terms on the Mayor and Council serving as Council President twice and filling just about every council liaison position there is over that 6 year period. I'm not afraid to take on the big issues facing North Arlington and not afraid to put North Arlington first.

   I've learned very valuable lessons from both sides of the aisle politically. But one of the lessons learned over the past years is that the people of North Arlington are tired of the silly back and forth blame the other person politics that consumes the political conversation and election cycle.  Folks in North Arlington don't care who you are or party your from. As long as you are being the advocate for them and fighting for them. What is NA getting when they vote for the public officials they are voting for?  What are you the hard working taxpayer getting for your vote and tax money?

    It's time to put people over politics.

   In serving on my time on the governing body we did many things together.  Together we.

  • Purchased borough equipment, EMS, Fire, Police, and DPW
  • Upgraded REC stipends
  • Defeated EnCap
  • Provided security fingerprinting for our REC department to help screen and protect our children
  • Upgraded Vinny  Macaluso park
  • Upgraded the library
  • Updated technology in the borough
  • Opened several new businesses in town
  • Upgraded Allan Park
  • Upgraded the Little league field
  • Successfully negotiated use of renovated Riverview Park fields.  
  • Consolidate our borough  debt
  • Reigned in spending
  • Received a triple-A bond rating for the practices we implemented financially
  • Produced two zero tax increases.

  North Arlington wants and needs not just a voice in the community, but in the county and the state as well. I believe North Arlington wants someone who is finally looking out for them. Their advocate. I have that experience on the local, county and state level. I've long been quoted saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil". It's North Arlington's time.

  To serve in North Arlington is something that I feel that I'm called to do. For the past thirty plus years, I have been married here and raised my family here. Had a family owned photography business here. Watched my family go thru the school systems here and enjoy the recreation programs we have.

North Arlington has helped shaped me and I'm deeply committed to advocating for the social issues facing us, the economic issues and tax funding issues that North Arlington just does not need, but deserves. We need someone that is willing to fight for the things that North Arlington needs.  Someone needs to be the advocate for North Arlington. This isn't just a campaign statement. This is who I am.  This is grounded in my beliefs and values. I'm looking to be that advocate for North Arlington.

  With your help, I will be our voice. I will speak up on the issues that matter to North Arlington on all levels of government. I hope to speak up for seniors, veteran, residents, small business owners and middle-class families who have been forgotten by the political back and forth blame game that campaigns in North Arlington dominate our local politics.

  I promise, I will stay committed to fighting for North Arlington and being an advocate for NA. I will always listen and be available to you, and I will work to enhance the quality of life here for the people of North Arlington.


  Al Granell  Candidate for Mayor for the Borough of North Arlington