Welcome to the page of Al Granell  for North Arlington

Click the picture to view the 2019 North Arlington Memorial Day Parade

Welcome to my webpage. This page serves as a way to create a portal that people can use to get information on North Arlington. A well as information politically that will affect North Arlington by the state.

Congratulations to AL and Sharon Granell for getting selected to attend the 2020 DNC Convention and represent NJ. This will be Sharon's second DNC Convention and Al's fourth. The NA_DEMS Facebook page thanked us for our service.

We would like to thank the Democratic residents of North Arlington and those Democrats in District 32 and 36 who supported us in this endeavor to be delegates. Thank you all.

You can read more about the great town of North Arlington by clicking the picture below to read about North Arlington from a New York Times perspective. Just click the picture below. ​ J