Hello Friends and Family in North Arlington,

As we get together and plan for the holidays. It's a time for reflection and for family. We get the opportunity to look back and reflect on the success's and the losses' that North Arlington has had to endure.

North Arlington Recreation sports thrived this year with football and soccer champions and with other various REC sports and divisions doing extremely well.  Setting up 2019 to be an extremely exciting year for sports in North Arlington.

As for North Arlington. We have been blessed to have several grand openings of new local businesses as well as several older business's doing extremely well and flourishing. We have a successful Kearny Federal bank renovated and Fed Ex thriving. We also have the pending status of the QP High School on the horizon.

There were many loss's this year politically locally. While Democrats swept the Blue Wave and won all the county seats. As the saying goes. All Politics is Local. Seeing a GOP sweep here in North Arlington. There were more than election losses that North Arlington had to contend with. North Arlington also lost several members of the governing body who served or were currently serving. With North Arlington losing both former Councilman Jim Ferrriero, and Sal DiBlasi. As well as the tragic loss of Mayor Joe Bianchi. A tough and sad year to say the least.

But moving forward. North Arlington for the first time had multiple choices for Mayoral candidates and its first female mayoral candidate. (Nice Job Lillian Saldanha). A great sign that so many folks want to be part of the Democratic process. All those running should be commended for running. Politics is a contact sport so it's been said. That could never be truer than it is here in North Arlington. I wish the winners good luck and Godspeed. North Arlington has many issues to resolve. I'm looking forward to working with those elected to move North Arlington Forward and hold them accountable to make sure they do the right thing for North Arlington the place we all love.

As I reflect on running as an independent Democrat in the race last year. I ran because I think that the people of North Arlington should decide who runs for office. You should decide on who you feel represents you. Not local partisans taking marching orders from a political operative. 2019 and 2020 will be here quickly. I think that local Democrats need to run campaigns on issues that matter to the people living in North Arlington. Not California or Hackensack.

There is no Steve Tanelli on the ticket. So what are local Democrats going to do? Offer answers and solutions throughout the year? Or just decide to try and govern during campaign time. What issues are they going to champion for North Arlington?  Democrats in North Arlington need to do better and stop the attack game politics that have proven to be such a turn off to local voters. Moving forward. Campaigns in North Arlington hopefully will have the transparency North Arlington deserves and demands. You as the North Arlington resident and voter deserve no less.

So we have a lot on the North Arlington Agenda. Good luck to Mayor Elect Dan Pronti. You will be very busy. You also are the Mayor now. So success or failure will now reside on your shoulders. You also have a political majority that the North Arlington residents have given you to govern with. I wish you well and Good Luck.

Wishing everyone in North Arlington a very Happy Holiday.

AL Granell

Former North Arlington Borough Council President

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