The presentation made by the NABOE on the QP property in Powerpoint for you to download.

Welcome to the page of Al Granell - for Council 2019 North Arlington

The presentation made by the NABOE on the QP property purchase and the state of the NABOE

 Hello, Friends and Family in North Arlington,

I'm running for council because I think that campaigns in North Arlington need to be run on issues that matter to the people living in North Arlington. We have issues like taxes, borough infrastructure, redevelopment, our seniors, our schools and the transition of the QP Properties that need to be addressed.  We need people who can advocate for North Arlington at the county and state level. Someone that is looking out for North Arlington.

That's why this year in 2019, with three Council seats open and on the ballot. I'm announcing that I will be running for Council in the Democratic primary in June  2019  for a position on the ballot for the November general election to serve as a Councilman in the Borough of North Arlington.

After serving two terms as a councilman and being a former 2x Council President. I believe as you do. There is a lot of work to be done in North Arlington. We need people who will put the time in to get the job done for NA.  Looking forward to running for office and representing you. I will be reaching out to you to help me by signing my petition to get me on the ballot for the in June 2019 Democratic Primary. 

Looking forward to once again meeting you at the door to door and talking to you about the issues that matter to North Arlington. For information on helping me getting on the ballot in June or signing the petition. Just click the CONTACT ME at the top of the page so I can reach out to you to help sign my petition for the June primary. 

AL Granell  2019 Democratic Candidate for Council

Former North Arlington Borough Council President


​cell/ call or text 2014686640